Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Me--Great White Witch You--Better Start Running - w4m - 42 (North End)

Reply to: pers-791375085@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-08-11, 2:52AM EDT

I seen you checking me out at the Krogers at Northern Lights, and the next time I catch you giving me that look over the display case, I am gonna come over to you and snatch your ass up. It will be good, it will be rough, and I will be done with you inside of a week, because if I keep you any longer than that, you may think you mean something more to me, like you might start thinking I will take care of you or something. What I am looking for long term has more money and more years than you do, but that does not mean I can't sexually dominate you for a while. You will get over me.

Tell me what you were wearing, and I will give you my phone number.


Do you ever wonder, like I do, if these people all procreate? God help us all if so...

Luna - 'Season Of The Witch'

2 Response to "Missed Connections musical dedication of the day"

  • bri Says:

    funny post. maybe you should do a whole slew of missed connection song dedications and make it a "thing".

    if you don't... maybe I will.
    Liked your blog.
    -fellow Mog blogger, bri

  • Blair Says:

    I do! If you look through the older pages I used to be really good about doing one every day...but life sort of happens sometimes, ya know?

    Anyway, you should do one anyway...this is just the craziness from one little Midwestern town...there is a whole world of Craigslist people to musically mock!!!
    Thanks for stopping by