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to the earthen vessel i am searching for - 32 (around columbus)

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Date: 2008-08-03, 12:37AM EDT

as i set here, operating in my own little corner of the world, watching as people come and go through my life, i can't help to wonder if i let the chance on love pass me by. as you walk by, i hear soft music playing in the background. i see doe eyes, staring blankly into mine. a little smile runs across our face, as a seductive thought runs through our minds. i reach out to you, caressing the side of your face. your hand touches mine, gently pulling my hand closer to your lips. you moisten it with sweet nectar . i continue to run my fingers through your hair. i feel your love, your pulse...your soul cries out to me. i warm you from the coolness from the evening, by letting my fingertips trace the outline of your face. the candles we lit flicker scattered images upon the wall, and cast a shadow upon your face. you smile, i see your soul is reaching out to me. i lean in, hesitant, torturing you with a gentle kiss. i lean in furthur, whispering into your ear, feeling your hair upon my face. i gently kiss behind your ear, feeling,listening to your thoughts. i come back to your lips, moistening your lips from your lover. i pick you up, take you to bed for slumber. i remove our clothes, you lie beside me, asking me why i love you. i look into your eyes, no one will love you like i love you, is my answer without our vessels talking. teardrops stream down your face as i wipe them away. i kiss you gently, pulling the blanket up to your chin resting on my chest. i awake from my moment we shared, reality is calling.


Will there EVER be a day when moronic guys STOP using the word 'nectar' in their horrific poetry?????

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