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(Note: Slight name change...i have realized there is way too much beautiful weirdness on Craigslist to focus only on missed connections)

seriously.... - 23 (Columbus)

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Date: 2008-08-28, 4:57AM EDT

I can really speak for a bunch of lonely guys out there...
Just, both expectations on the female and male end have been warped. We no longer know how what to expect out of our signifigant other. We put so much on how it should or shouldn't be. The oppostie sexes are just so pushed away from each other in these times. Its no wonder why there are so many gays and lezzies, its just easier. I couldn't find a girl to fuck tonight if my life depended on it, but how many guys do i know by happenstance. (I guess by waiting tables in the short north) But that's not what i want. Its not that it's really that hard to find something, but its really hard to start somehting because you never know how long it might be. There are a ton of guys like me that KNOW that they are going to stick to that piece of tail for as long as they get. Its so hard to date because we know we won't end it and you'll end up knocking her up and being with her for the rest of your life. There are just so few opportunities that, sh*t, this might be it, and that thought is not so much terrifying as much as it requires a lot of thought. -Its trying to be selective with very few slections.- So, we pass on her or her and end up alone and wondering whats wrong. "I'm sorry i thought i had a choice in this" I'm just slowly realizing that me; a 6'3" built, smart, good lookingy, great in the sack guy, is just going to end up alone because it seems that i can't stand women and i definitely won't resort to guys.
I guess it might also be that my philosophy on life is quite wierd and i am quite vocal about it. I'm sorry i'm well read and you aren't. It's just really fricken funny, because if you knew me, you'd never understand why i'm single.
I think really the problem is that i have never really had to try to go after girls, they just came after me. Just year after year more and more women i could know, get married and move on and im just getting left behind. Now it feels like i would grab onto anything. I just work so much that its really hard to find time.
If that made any sense to anyone, i don't want to even include a picture because i wouldn't want it based upon looks. Just take my word for it, i'm not conceited but i am quite cute.


Too bad there's not a 'Man Seeking Self' sub-category on Craigslist, it would be perfect for this guy. He obviously thinks he is quite the catch, and he OBVIOUSLY has life all figured out...he may be the only one who could tolerate him.

The Lemonheads - 'It's About Time' MP3

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