Audio Nostalgia: "K"

Every time I do one of these 'audio nostalgia' entries, I cringe when I realize when the record or song that I am posting about was originally released. Today is no different. Kula Shaker's 'K' record is 12yrs old already, having been released in 1996.

My access to and knowledge of really good music was quite limited when I was younger. I think Kula Shaker was the first band that I really got into that melded elements of world music into their rock sound. Indian and Middle Eastern sounds are all over this record, and I remember hearing it for the first time and loving it. This album hasn't aged as well for as a lot the records have that I have immortalized in 'audio nostalgia' blogs, but I dusted it off today and it was still fun to listen to.

Kula Shaker - 'Hey Dude' MP3

Kula Shaker - 'Tattva' MP3

2 Response to "Audio Nostalgia: "K""

  • TOPMAN Says:

    Hey. No apologies. While I agree that "K" as a whole hasn't aged all that well, TATTVA - and especially GOVINDA - are a couple of gorgeous tracks that I still have on high-rotation in my audio world. And the follow-up album - Pigs Peasants and Astronauts - actually holds up quite well. (....and their reunion release from last year wasn't bad either!)

    Trivia...FYI: GOVINDA is the ONLY #1 charting song in recorded musical history sung ENTIRELY in Sanskrit! Not that hard to believe, I guess.... but fun at a party anyway!

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