Audio Nostalgia: "Barbarosa"

The year was 1993 I believe, and I was somewhat obsessed at the time with all things Adam Duritz. It was bad. I listened to 'August And Everything After' so many times, that I am sure I ruined the Counting Crows for most of my friends and family. I would walk around reciting random lyrics off of the record, annoying and confusing anyone within earshot. I spent obscene amounts of money on horribly produced bootlegs. Recordings that sounded like they were taped in a cheap cassette player in some guy's pocket who was standing at the bar watching show.

Via my obsession, I stumbled across this band Sordid Humor, also from the Bay Area. I always loved this track, and Adam Duritz has the perfect voice for backing vocals. It's funny, when I play this tune I am transported back immediately to the summer and fall after I graduated high school. Ah, the power of music.

Sordid Humor - 'Barbarosa'

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  • Sonja Says:

    Oh man - not fair - loved that tune - I still love adam and all his bloggy ramblings. Now I have to spend vast amounts of wasted time searching for it.