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you were topless i wasn't we talked about gyro's - m4w - 35 (comfest)

Reply to: pers-738145364@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-30, 3:18PM EDT

it was saturday night at comfest by the food we talked about gyro's. you were looking for one and you had painted breasts that i couldn't stop staring at but i waas hoping you didn't notice. I just wish i had said something smarter than "no it's a steak sandwich". you have gorgeous eyes and a great body that i could see most of through the paint on your breasts. how could i let a moment like that get away. You might have had a boyfriend i don't know and don't care i just wish i could have that moment back. I had on the Abercrombie shirt (i'm straight) and probably looked like a dork eating my steak sandwich, but i'm a really fun guy and i don't usually eat steak sandwiches ( i was hungry and the line was short). If you do have a boyfriend it's ok i have a wife and i'm willing to work around these minor complications. Please contact me and at least let me know your name.


So glad to see that he won't let a 'minor complication' like having a wife get in the way of true lust.

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