I left my wallet in El Segundo

It was 1990, I think I was a freshman in high school, when I heard A Tribe Called Quest for the first time. It opened my ears up to a brand new genre of music. In predominantly white suburban Columbus,Ohio N.W.A. had finally trickled in from the west coast and hip hop in general was exploding all around me. Since most of the rock that I had access to at this time was Aerosmith and a bunch of bad hair bands that worshiped Aerosmith, hip hop was a welcome new sort of sound.

Artists like De La Soul, Public Enemy, and EPMD all became fast favorites of mine. My favorite thought was easily the laid back delivery featuring the intelligent rhymes of Q Tip and the Phife of ATCQ. I listen to modern mainstream hip hop, and maybe it's me, I realize I am getting OLD, but I just don't hear this sort of inventiveness...it all jus sort of bleeds together.

Now enjoy one of the my all time favorite hip hop songs...as voted on be me, a white guy from middle America.

'I Left My Wallet In El Segundo' MP3

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