Audio Nostalgia: "Sometimes Always"

When this songs starts to play, I remember EXACTLY where I was when I fell in love with Hope Sandoval. Her voice I mean. I was at a really, really bad party at Capital University with friends, knocking back natural light and jello shots.

This 'art school' girl(of course I have no idea if she went to art school or not, but in my mind anyone who was around my age and the least bit eccentric got tagged with the art school label) appeared to be controlling the music. I seem to remember Bauhaus....lots and lots of Bauhaus...and then, a break from the bleak musings of Peter Murphy - 'Sometimes Always' started to seep out of the speakers, and I was hooked. This was actually my first exposure to Hope Sandoval OR the Jesus & Mary Chain( I know, I am ALWAYS the last one to EVERY party).

It was one of those musical moments in your life that instigates a massive CD buying spree the next sober day...good times, good times.

The Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Sometimes Always' MP3

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  • Anne and Miles Says:

    Hi Blair

    The last one to every party? Don't be too sure of that.

    We were hoping to send you an album download link but can't find your contact details.

    Drop us an e-mail if you're interested - mail at vanillaswingers dot com


    Anne and Miles