Audio Nostalgia: "Core"

The Stone Temple Pilots debut album will never make any critics list of all time favorites, nor should it really. Scott Weiland takes turns imitating some of his favorite singers through most of the album - Eddie Vedder on 'Plush' for example. It's seemed more like an homage to what was popular at time as opposed to a record of any real consequence. And I love it. Almost every note of it.

I was still in that point of my life where I was figuring out what I liked. Most of what I liked was what MTV's '120 Minutes' told me to like, and Matt Pinfield told me to buy this. So I did. I just know that when I put this CD in for the first time, I was hooked after about 25 seconds of the very first track, 'Dead And Bloated.' I still play that song whenever I find my self angry and out of sorts...yes, Weiland is my therapist sometimes...I get the irony.

'Dead And Bloated' MP3

'Creep' MP3

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