Musical movie review: "Finding Amanda"

I wanted to love this movie. I really, really did...but alas, it just isn't a great film.

Matthew Broderick plays a television writer and a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who is now clinging to his one last vice - gambling. Maura Tierny plays his wife, who is obviously exhausted from spending years married to an addict. When the couple finds out that their 20yr old niece, played by Brittany Snow has moved to Las Vegas and has taken 'work' as a prostitute, Broderick's character sees this as a last ditch effort to prove to his wife that he is not as selfish as she thinks he is. He embarks on an impromptu road trip to Vegas with the intention of bringing his niece back to a Malibu Rehab center.

If you just thought to yourself, 'Maybe Vegas ISN'T the best place for a gambling addict to be going''d be right. Misadventure ensues. The premise here is so great. One broken person attempting to come to the rescue of another broken the capital of broken people, Las Vegas. But the movie can't seem to decide on what it want's to be, and in the end it just seemed a bit muddled. Not horrible by any sense, just dissapointing. Final verdict? Wait for video.

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