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Hey Mr Oblivious to Life - w4m - 20 (Wherever)

Reply to: pers-699861416@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-29, 2:23PM EDT

Dear Oblivious to Life,

We went out...you said wonderful things about how much you liked me blah blah blah and what not....and then we've talked since then.

Buuut you have been mysteriously "busy" all the time (okay guy excue #1 but hey whatever you were still contacting me)

Then you sent me that one very specific message "we should just fuck"

annnd guess what?! I didn't deny it I mean I said when and where (cause its been a hell of a long time) and you just said "lol" now I'm sitting her wondering what the fuck are you thinking cause you coudlve gotten some p in the v and I couldve gotten my kicks....


do explain yourself to me cause really I'm impatient and you are about to loose out on a good lay.


Aztec Camera - 'Oblivious'

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