Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Mr. Paramedic Man (Nelsons Ledges)

Reply to: pers-721743873@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-16, 1:52PM EDT

I don't know you're name.
All I know is that you must be an angel.

I wandered into your medic-tent and you saved me.
I don't know what kind of maniac gives lsd to unkowing people but I would never have made it through without your kind and calming words. You kept me grounded and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much.
You rock at your job so keep doing it!



This guy really is an angel. I saw this happen the summer after I graduated high school...this kid got slipped acid unknowingly and i SWEAR he has never been the same since...he is that guy who walks around ALL the time with a helmet on and muttering things in German under his breath...its a bad scene.

The Beatles - 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'

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