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I have profound feelings for her... - m4w (osu)

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Date: 2008-06-10, 2:26AM EDT

...feelings pearled with roses, with aroma, with freshness. Roses that explode smoothly on her cheeks when I touch inadvertently her shoulder, aroma of her neck caressed longly by my breath when I sit close enough from her, freshness that nightly waters endlessly my dreams of a kiss of her. Those feelings are those claiming with urgency the reflection of her eyes on my eyes, the sap of her lips on my lips, the heat of her body across my body, the claw of her nails in my skin, the flames of our most clandestine screams in a twisted burn against a silvered moonlight. Feelings that transform themselves from bright unicorns into carnivore plants, from musical mermaids into big mouth monsters, from seductress Amazons into unformed mutants, from tangible illusions into eternal phantoms. For her, feelings that profoundly I have.


I LOVE bad poetry. Unicorns, mermaids, carnivorous plants...this one has it all...so many wasted words.

Dean & Britta - 'Words You Used To Say'

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