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Cute Hippie Girl in Whole Foods Buffet Area - m4w - 30 (Cleveland Heights)

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Date: 2008-06-06, 6:05PM EDT

I was there late this afternoon after a long day at work, planning to get some dinner from one of the many self-serve trays. It was around 4:30. I noticed you, thin with an oval shaped face, somewhere in your early 20's, with your cute, messy blonde hair and one ear studded with several earrings. You were wearing sandals and a white camisole top. And you were with a brunette who looked similar.

For just a moment, I thought you were this adorable girl. I would have said hello. Really, I would have. But then I watched you for at least ten minutes while you went to every single self-serve tray, of which there must be at least 40-50, in total awe...as you sampled each tray, licked your fingers, and then continued to scoop even more portions into your container. I swear, you touched every ladle in the entire place, and sucked drippings from your fingers from each of the said ladles. I stood there, frozen, exchanging glances with some random woman, who was also in awe of your primal lack of manners.

It was all I could do not to punch you in the face. I was so grossed out and angry that I couldn't even stay in the store long enough to complain to an employee or ask the other woman to do it. Were I able to bear it, I would have taken out my cell phone and taken a few photos and videos. Suffice it to say, I have no intentions of getting dinner there any time remotely soon. Thank you for ruining what is always my favorite shopping experience.

May you catch E-Coli...


"May you catch E-Coli" has just become my favorite all time missed connections quote!

Bad Religion - 'Infected'

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