I am the sort of guy that karaoke hostesses HATE! But it's not really my fault...they just give me the microphone WAY too soon.

Like while they are still looking for the song...but they never turn it off. So...thinking I am Glen Hansard, I decide that it may be a good idea to explain to the 11 people in the dive bar just why I picked the song I did.I explained that I had never sung this song before, and that it reminded me of my youth and Katie Holmes. But that was not sufficient. I felt the need to explain that it reminded me of Katie Holmes circa Dawson's Creek...pre-Tom Cruise, pre Scientology...pre-creepiness.

Then it dawned on me that dedicating a karaoke song to a celeberity that you used to have a crush on when you were younger MAY IN FACT BE THE EPITOME OF CREEPY.Then I shut up and sang.

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