Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

I wouldn't recommend starting your missed connection post with the phrase "I am not a very happy person and I have a lot of problems"...just my two cents. But I am glad her life was saved anyway...it's the feel good post of the week!!


To the dunk/high guy with hiccups

Dear drunk/high guy with hiccups,

I am not a very happy person and I have a lot of problems. So the day that I met you, I was at the mall, simply overjoyed to be out of my house (with a little bit of sunshine in my purse). And I wandered the mall, slowly making the way through the store. Walking into store after store I started thinking, What's the point? Why is everyone wasting this much time trying to be fancy and pretty, when deep inside, all of us know that we aren't. Hours passed like this, hours of people watching, and just as I gave up I made my way into your store. I sat in the front for a long while, smelling opium incense. It was then that you stumbled in. You smiled a lopsided smile at the cashier and asked him about the earing he had on display. You seemed excited by all the things you saw there, and I was excited that you were there. You leaned over to a display and from across the room I heard a quiet noise. A quiet, but very happy noise. *Hiccup!*
I tried so hard not to laugh but you still heard my stifled giggle. And you laughed out loud upon seeing me. It was then that our game began. We would glance at each other while wandering the store, until *Hiccup!*. Then we would giggle and the game would begin again.
I swear you saved my life drunk/high guy with hiccups.


Aimee Mann - 'Save Me'

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