Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

If he leaves you for a younger woman just try to reason with him via the craigslist missed connections section.

Why am I wasting my breath,she is obviously a genius, since she analyzed every bit of the guy's life in the post...but yet somehow not smart enough to send this to him in an email. I am convinced that the vast majority of humanity consits of really,REALLY stupid people


She is barely older then your youngest child

I’m having a difficult time understanding how you can date a woman half your age who does not have anything in common with you what so ever. I don’t care how sexy or exciting she may seem to you, what do you two really have to discuss or share. Your children are grown, you have nurtured them into adulthood and they have become responsible members of our society. She is just a bit older then your youngest, she is from a questionable background. Although I am not a snob I have to wonder what she really wants from you. Why isn’t she interested in a young man either her own age or a bit older, rather then a man twice her age. In most relationships likes yours the woman is looking for monetary support, or has a need to be with someone of power. I have to also question why you are so insecure with who you are that you need this kind of a relationship. This is not something new for you. You have repeated this same sort of behavior before always to be hurt or left disappointed. You haven’t learned anything from your past You are my friend, someone that I feel I can tell the most intimate and important things in my life, knowing you will not divulge my secrets or criticize me. We are comfortable with each other. I was really hoping this comfort would grow into something much more.


The Kills - 'Pull A U'

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