Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Oh Skullys...this bar has some sort of weird energy about it...i can't even describe it. I have had relationships end there, my car has been broken into while there...it's one of those places that something memorable ALWAYS happens, good or bad....always memorable.This was such a romantic little post I just had to share it...


We did each other - forgot to get your name and number - m4w - 24 (Short North)

We met at Skullys last Saturday night. I did you behind the back patio but you left before I had a chance to get your name and number, but I will never forget you. Please contact me, describe the t-shirt you were wearing that night and my genitalia.

Hugsandkisses forever

p.s. you looked beautiful from front and behind


The Pipettes - 'One Night Stand'

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