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Missed Connections Psychology 101 -

There is this sub-genre of missed connections that I have noticed that are like a study in severe conflict avoidance. Rather than talk to the person, they post a vague, general overview of their relationship's failings on craislist...and wonder why they are still single(says the guy who is single...but I know why!)?

Not to mention this describes like HALF of all new relationships...they just fizzle out...man, if every single person in this situation posted, I would never be able to read them all!


Why are you so cold? - w4m - 30

Ok, so I am so lost right now...I do not know what to think! Everything was amazing, and then we both freaked out, and now things are weird! Help me to understand. Did I do something wrong? Say something wrong? One day at a time, but how do we do that, if you are so cold? Maybe it is just me, but please let me know....


David Vandervelde - 'Jacket'

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