Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

It was a depressingly bad day on the missed connections front. Very slim pickings...this one had just enough bitterness and just the right hint of desperation to make the cut. There seems to be a theme lately of people NOT being the one picked...


When will you be single? - m4w - 24

We use to work together, always had a great time. You made that place light up...

You always managed to have a boyfriend, somehow. Not that I'm suprised...just at who it was. Him? Really? How many chances did he deserve?

And now, I see you once and awhile. Always with a boyfriend. Unfortunately, he looks cooler than I...

I wish I could find that magic, however brief, window of opportunity. I think it could be great. Maybe I'm wrong.

pst.. I'm not

I hope you see this. I really do.


This song was actually playing as I read this...maybe not the best literal fit, but the overall tone seemed to work. Like I said, there just wasn't much to pick from today. Sorry...this is NOT a Jewel cover. I know, I was disappointed to.

Gnarls Barkley - 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul'

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