Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Now this is a perfect missed connection. If you could major in missed connections at college, this would have it's own lecture. It's got everything. Broken English, it's absurdly vague, plus it has that overall tone of general creepiness that would assuredly scared off any intended reader from actually replying.


brunette and red z-28

i see almost everyday driving through my neighborhood. seen kids in car,maybe you child goes to school in my development? i think your beautiful. i'm divorced and work at home so that how i alway see you driving by. wondering if you are single? or not. doesn't matter. like to get to know you. i'll treat you better than any other can or will. if your attached we can keep it on the DL some no one finds out i'll pick up where he leaves off. please let me know. you are so beautiful.


"I'll pick up where he left off.."


Today's soundtrack is courtesy of Rhett Miller and the Old 97's...

Old 97's - 'Designs On You'

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