Irish music, it's not just for St. Patrick's day anymore

I had THE most original idea EVER. Post nothing but music from Irish artists today. I am sure only me and 2,000 other bloggers have come up with this concept. But I never claimed to be a trend setter, if anything I catch on to trends just as they are dying...hipness is not a strong suit of mine. But I for the next 24hrs or so all of my posts will be somehow tied into an Irish tune. I am brilliant.

To me, the only logical place to start would be with my favorite Irish band, The Frames. Anyone who has had the pleasure to see Glen Hansard and the band live knows the feeling of utter bliss that hits you when the entire venue begins to sing along with the refrain on this track, "We have all the time in the get it right"

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone...may this song find you in close proximity to green beer.


2 Response to "Irish music, it's not just for St. Patrick's day anymore"

  • ssuchazz Says:

    no, you're right..Irish music IS for all days..very many bands that I listen to and groups of music/dancers I watch, are Irish ppl.

  • redhairedgirl Says:

    Irish music rules! I listened to traditional Irish music on my way to work this morning. I look forward to seeing what you post :)