Audio Nostalgia: St Patrick's Day Edition

The first time that I can remember actually listening to the music of Van Morrison was back in high school while at a friend's party. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit by using the word 'party' reality it was like 5 guys sitting around, listening to records and passing a bottle of sloe gin back and forth. Ah yes, it is all coming back to of the very first times I got wasted coincided perfectly with one of the first times I heard Van Morrison...and a drinker was born.

Shows you how uncool we were. Sloe gin? We had limited options at 16yrs old and beggars can't be choosers, so it was sloe gin and 7-up. That night ended up with me(usually a pacifist I swear) taking a swing at the mounted deer head on my friend's parents wall. Really. And the next morning I was SO hurting. I think that was the first of about 800 times in which I swore off drinking forever...and by forever I meant until next weekend.

15 into the mystic.mp3

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