Audio Nostalgia: "Devil's Diary"

I can actually remember buying this record JUST because I thought the band name was so cool, The Caulfields. My reasoning was that if they lifted their band name from 'A Catcher In The Rye' they would have to be great. I was wrong. But I have always liked this one song and finally tracked it down this morning. Give it a listen and be magically transported back to 1995.


6 Response to "Audio Nostalgia: "Devil's Diary""

  • kevin Says:

    aha! i actually own this cd! i bought it when i was 15 cause of this song and also cause of holden. good to have it back in my life havent listened to it in 5 years at least...

  • Longshoe Says:

    I stumbled onto this band when I saw them open for Del Amitri in Atlanta in '95. Some friends and I decided to go to the show only because tickets were buy one, get one free on the day of the show.

    The Caulfields were great live, and I loved the album. This song actually ended up getting a good bit of radio play in Atlanta.

    Great call, I love the blog!

  • Blair Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment :-)

    Yeah, I love tracking down the songs of my is amazing like that, a certain song can get totally intertwined with memories.

  • dwadel Says:

    Oh, thank you! I've been searching for this bloody song for years! I always remembered the lined about "metal chicks, dumber than rocks." You're bigger than Jesus now.

  • Think it -> Do It Says:

    oh Awesome!! Thanks for finding this! I think about this song every once in a while-- it's really a very creative little riff of poetry--and could never find it, until now.

    Like Lonsgshoe, I saw this band open for Del Amitri, mine in Philly in '95. (Quit yer snickerin', I won 'em free on the radio.)

    I remember Caulfields' lead singer was wearing a yellow t-shirt with a jagged black horizontal stripe, a la 'Charlie Brown'. Good music, but bad visual.

  • Kylie Says:

    This takes me back, I used to listen to this on a cassette tape I recorded from the radio when I was 14! I'm so bummed this doesn't work now, been searching for this song for ages...