"New Age' music makes me sad

I think I need to be more clear. New Age music makes me sad, not because it has any sort of overwhelming emotional affect om me, no....not at all. It makes me sad just knowing that it exists. It makes me sad to think that anyone, after a hard day or an trying episode would turn to this stuff for comfort. It's horrid. Beyond bad. It has all the emotional wallop of a pat on the back. All the flavor of a rice cake. It's hollow. Empty. Utterly useless.

I turned on the NPR new age show last night in an attempt to help me fall asleep. Bad move. Instead of the dulcet sound lulling me to sleep, I sat there in awe of how bad this stuff was. I found myself actually staying awake longer, waiting to hear each new song to see if it could possibly be worse than the one before. And of course each one was ALWAYS much worse than the one before.

So anyway, in my effort to fight the good fight and spread the word I have posted this missive. And as a soundtrack I will pick one of my favorite band, and the musical opposite of new age music, Lucero. Both of these are off of the LP 'Nobody's Darlings'



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