Minnie Driver - Down

Full disclosure time. I have had the biggest crush on Minnie Driver for as long as I can remember. I think it started with 'Circle Of Friends' and peaked somewhere around 'Grosse Point Blank'....so I am really not the most biased person to be discussing her music. But all of that being said, I really do find my self liking her stuff more and more every day. Some great pop tunes, with a slight alt-country sensibility.

This tune, 'Down' is a beautiful track off of her first record - 'Everything I've Got In My Pockets'...she also released a new record in 2007 called 'Seastories.'


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  • Dave Says:

    She is unbelievably sexy. And I find find her music to be surprisingly good as well. I almost wish she would have been a musician who turned actor instead of vice versa.