Living legend doesn't even do him justice

I am sitting here listening to the new Willie Nelson record, 'Moment Of Forever'...and I am in awe. In awe of this 75yr old's energy and vitality. Singer/songwriters and the next big things from every generation have come and gone, and in 2007 Willie Nelson releases what is just an amazing set of songs. This is country gold. Instant classic.

Put it on and pass the whiskey please...



3 Response to "Living legend doesn't even do him justice"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Well said. The tragedy is that many of my generation(x) will never hear it because they won't give it a chance. Willie is in my top 5 song-writers in his lifetime.

  • Blair Hook Says:

    so many new hipsters throw out anything associated with the 'country' tag...confusing it for that awful pop country stuff. i still listen to patsy cline, cash, george jones....that stuff is just amazing music, categories be damned

  • Anonymous Says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like "The Bob Song" on Moment of Forever may be talking about Bob Dylan. But that may be because i like to think about Dylan kinda bein like that, replace dumb with misunderstood, and "a little tangled in the vine" as greed being able to get to everyone. I was just curious if anyone else may have thought this. Either way this is an amazing album, I haven't listened to anything else sense i got it.