'Love' is all you need

Love, love, love. I am talking about the west coast psychedelic/folk rock band from the late 60's...not the emotion. It's all about the music with me after all. I have always loved Arthur Lee's voice, but lately I have been getting into their entire catalog and I am loving Love more everyday.

The record 'Forever Changes' is an absolute classic. I had forgotten how golden it was until I played it last night. Songs like 'You Set The Scene' and 'Andmoreagain' and 'Alone Again Or' are just so finely crafted...and sonicaly speaking I think Lee and company were always a bit ahead of there time, much like their contemporaries in the Velvet Underground.

Here are a couple of my favorite Love songs...'Always See Your Face' was immortalized in the hipster Citizen Kane 'High Fidelity' you may remember...i do believe that was my introduction to the band. Thanks again John Cusak



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  • Anonymous Says:

    Love's Forever Changes', my favourite album of all time

  • poisgone Says:

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  • scott b Says:

    Love the post. Check out http://www.lovearthurlee.com / www.lovearthurlee.com ... it is the official tribute site to Arthur by his estate. New photos, videos and unreleased tunes are being added constantly. Love On Earth Must Be