All the albums I've loved before: "The Low End Theory"

Growing up in Columbus,Ohio I was awash in a sea of bad hair metal, overproduced pop, and hip hop. While bands like the Replacements and the Pixies were making incredible records, I had no idea they existed and kept on thinking Def Leperd were playing cutting edge rock music. So slowly I started to gravitate over towards the hip hop side of the musical party. It was in hip hop that i heard my first real hints of what good music should sound like.

A Tribe Called Quest became a fast favorite. Q-Tip's intelligent lyrics dropped over killer drum beats and jazz samples, I was all in. Even as my musical tastes have shifted gears as i have gotten older and not so much wiser, I keep coming back to 'The Low End Theory' never fails to raise my spirits and put a bounce in my God, I can't believe this record is 17yrs old. Rumors of a Quest show at Coachella are all over the web, and I have my fingers crossed.



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