Audio Nostalgia: Old School Hip Hop Edition

Ok...I am going to show my age here...but I am old, I have accepted this and I am moving on. I caught the RZA's show this past Saturday night at the El Rey in Los Angeles and I have been in a hip hop mood ever since. I thought I would spend a few posts reliving my youth, it all of its incredibly white, midwestern suburban glory!

The first tune that sprang to mind when I thought about this topic was Brand Nubian's 'Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown.' It's just the sort of anthem that a skinny white kid from Ohio, who has never been in a fist fight in his life, grew up worshiping!

I still catch myself throwing these lyrics around from time to time...usually from the safety of my car with the windows fully rolled up. Don't worry, the ridiculousness of my singing this song isn't lost on me...but what can I say, I love it.

Download Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down.mp3

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