All The Albums I've Loved Before: "Sparkle And Fade"

'Sparkle And Fade' is a total time-warp album for me. I use this phrase a lot, probably over use it...but you have to consider the source. I am someone who thinks in song lyrics, and remembers everything, EVERYTHING as being set to a song, All of my best, and worst, memories have a soundtrack. This Everclear album was that soundtrack for a significant amount of time in my life...most of spring and summer of 1995. One of those formative years in my life, no doubt. One of those years where I made a LOT of mistakes, and one of those years I was really starting to turn to music in all times of doubt.

Songs like 'Summerland', 'Pale Green Stars', 'Strawberry' have all served me so well over the years, immortalizing this album on my little music blog doesn't seem like nearly enough, but I am not so well connected, so I do what I can.

'Don't fall down now, you will never get up'




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