All The Albums I've Loved Before: 'Mighty Joe Moon'

I can't believe I never saw Grant Lee Buffalo live. I FINALLY saw Grant Lee Phillips for the first time on Dec 1 at the Aimee Mann holiday show...he still sounds incredible(and who knew he was SO funny) I have been listening to GL Buffalo's second record, 'Mighty Joe Moon' nonstop since. This record takes me RIGHT back to my first couple years spent out of high school...this was practically the soundtrack for
for those years.

Originally released in 1994, 'MJM' is the perfect showcase for the amazing voice of Phillips. It soars in the more up beat songs like 'Lone Star Song' and it will break your heart on tunes like 'Mockingbirds' and 'Honey Don't Think.' An unbelievably poignant collection of songs, and an essential LP to have in the collection.




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