2007 In Song: "Chicago Promenade"

On his first solo disc, Jason Isbell sounds like an artist reveling in the fact that he is free from the shackles of collaboration. You can actually hear the freedom and the energy shine through on this record. After spending years as a contributor to perenial bar favorite, The Drive By Truckers, Isbell has written a great collection of songs for his first record.

'Chicago Promenade' is by far my favorite of these songs. Lyrics like this make it hard not to love:
I took my turn at fixing hearts
But that goes bad before it starts
I'm desperate now, I must say
I'll do the Chicago promenade

If I die now before I'm old
My story will be less than told
There's so much more to suffer through
Before I meet again with you

Heartbreaking stuff...but would you expect anything less from the author of 'God Damn Lonely Love'?


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