2007 In Song: "Before I Knew" and "Oh, My Darling"

This submission for my favorite songs of 2007 is doubled up for your listening pleasure. These are by far my favorite two songs of the past year that clocked in at less than 80 seconds. In fact, the only complaint I have about this gorgeous Basia Bulat album, also called "Oh My Darling" is that there isn't enough of it! 'Before I Knew' is one of the best 'first love' songs I have ever heard...even at just over a minute long.

This Canadian songstress has produced one of the most beautiful folk records I have listened to in a long time. Very reminiscent to the Be Good Tanyas with a little Kathleen Edwards mixed in...two of my favorites. Well worth your time to check out,

Enjoy these short, but wonderful songs.


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