Reaching Nirvana

It is impossible, in my estimation, to calculate the impact Kurt Cobain had on popular music, and popular culture for that matter. I wonder, in the 13yrs since his death, how many kids who felt lost and disenfranchised with society at large picked up a guitar after hearing 'Nevermind' for the first time. How many lost souls found each other, formed a band, and suddenly had an outlet for their demons. He was the closest thing my generation ever got to John Lennon, Kurt Donald Cobain was a rock n' roll martyr.

Just passing along three of my favorite Nirvana recordings. The haunting finale to the MTV Unplugged album, Leadbelly's 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night', a cove of the Velvet Underground's 'Here She Comes Now', and a live version of Aneurysm.




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