Craigslist missed connections musical dedication o' the day

Hmmm....I am always curious as to why someone posts a missed connections entry when they do. Like this guy for example. This festival was at the very beginning of least I think it was. The three days of heavy alcohol consumption has sort of clouded my brain...and in fact I was so drunk when Pearl Jam played, I may have actually talked to this guy and told him my name was Megan...i honestly couldn't tell you. help relive that great weekend, and since the Hold Steady show is this week...i will post my Lolla slideshow from this past festival.


Lollapalooza 2007 - m4w - 30

Hi there,
looking for Megan from LA, who was at Lollapalooza with a friend, we met there and watched Pearl Jam together. we were born at same date. 31st of august 77.
i was enough stupid for not getting your phone number. she was a teacher.

i hope i'll find her over craigslist..


The Hold Steady - 'Killer Parties'

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