"The Beautiful And Damned"....a musical book report

I dare say that F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Beautiful And Damned' just ripped to shreds any lingering thoughts that I may have had about getting married eventually. For the record, I am not anti-marriage...just anti ME getting married.

The novel tells the story of two socialites who fall in love and get married in pre-prohibition New York. The story is rumored to be largely based on Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. The book does a wonderful job of capturing life in the era, and does an even better job of painting a picture of two dysfunctional people in a HIGHLY dysfunctional love affair.

I don't really like doing reviews of movies or books,as I am always afraid of giving away too much of the plot, so I will just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this. Well worth your time if you are at all interested in this period of American history. And the themes between the man and the woman in this story are timeless.

As for the musical dedication portion of the report, this song is perfect! Read the book and you will see exactly what I mean.

The White Stripes - 'Slowly Turning Into You

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