All The Albums I've Loved Before: 'Transcendental Blues'

I got to the Steve Earle party really late. When my mind and ears finally opened up to the 'alt country' sound(I hate that term, but it is easy and I am lazy) in the mid 90's Steve Earle was already well into an amazing career. 'Transcendental Blues', which was released in 2000, was the first Steve Earle record I ever bought. I loved it SO much...i remember making copies for ALL of my friends...most of who dismissed it as country and never gave it a a second spin. Their loss. I dove into Earle's back catalog
almost immediately, and he has been one of my favorite artists ever since, up to and including this year's "Washington Square Serenade."

So many great tunes on 'TB'. 'Lonelier Than This' is one of my all time favorite tracks of his, 'Galway Girl', 'Everyone's In Love With You', 'Over Yonder', and the title track are all favorites of mine too. Just a great collection of songs...and one that I still listen to all the time.




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