Rilo Kiley w/Grand Ole Party and The Bird And The Bee...Oct 15 @ The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

It was a great night of music in Santa Monica. The venue was interesting. The place seemed more suited for a Shriner's convention than a rock show...the building had this weird vibe that had us feeling like we were at an old high school dance. I sat through some of the longest beer lines in my life, but the sound was great the entire night through.

Grand Ole Party opened the show...very cool band. They are from LA and said that their debut record would be out in January and was produced by Blake from Rilo. Imagine the Yeah Yeah Yeah's if Karen O sang while playing the drums...a powerful three piece with noise to burn.

The Bird And The Bee played a fun, energetic set. Much better live that I anticapted... a much more rocking sound also, to go along with the lovely vocals. Here is a video off of their latest record...'Again And Again' was the highlight of their set I thought

Rilo Kiley came out and Jenny acknowledged the crowd with 'Hello hometown'. Very cool. I just got to LA but I am guessing that this might have been the largest venue they have played here as a headliner, and they band played like they were thrilled to be there. Just an amazing show. The set list leaned heavily off of stuff from the new record, 'Under The Blacklight' but played all of the 'hits'...even burying Portions For Foxes in the middle of the set, such a cool move. And 'I Love LA' was a great choice for an encore!

Here are a couple of videos someone was kind enough to put up on youtube from last night's gig.

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