Meg Baird - 'Do What You Gotta Do'

Beautiful song...awful movie. Why...why Cameron Crowe? Just tell me why?

Anyway...close your eyes if you have to...the song is gorgeous and heartbreaking, the moive was contrived and lame.

2 Response to "Meg Baird - 'Do What You Gotta Do'"

  • carly Says:

    I've never been so excited for and then so completely let down by a movie. By the middle I believe audience members were actually looking around at one another in disbelief, making sure they weren't the only ones who felt duped by the atrocity.

    Love this song, though.

  • Blair Hook Says:

    OH! It was like watching a trainwreck in slow could totally see the entire movie just chugging along, getting worse by the minute until it's inevitable plunge into the canyon...

    Ok...did I already ask you this?

    Vanilla Sky? Yea or Nea(again...concert buddy status on the line here Wray! no pressure)