Matt Pond PA w/Jesca Hoop @ The Troubador 10/17

I think I have found my favorite Los Angeles venue so far. I already loved the Troubadour before ever setting foot inside of the place, just knowing it's history and the legendary list of people who have played there. But once inside, it just got so much better. Such a fan friendly set up...and the sound was perfect all night.

Jesca Hoop opened the show and was mesmerizing. Such a beautiful voice, backed by a subdued but capable band, it was clear that her voice was the star of the show. I literally couldn't walk during her entire 40 minutes on stage. She was radiant. The songs she played off of her debut album 'Kismet' sounded even better live.

Then just a few minutes after 10 Matt Pond PA took the stage. First thing I noticed is that the band configuration has changed quite a bit. I have seen them twice before, both times with multiple strings players. Now they play as a tight 4 piece and seem to play with a LOT more intensity. This was by far the best I have heard the boys sound. The highlights were 'Sunlight' and 'Taught To Look Away' from Last Light, the new record....and 'So Much Trouble' and 'Halloween' off of Several Arrows Later.

A great night all the way to catch my breath for a couple of days before Lucero on Saturday night :-)

2 Response to "Matt Pond PA w/Jesca Hoop @ The Troubador 10/17"

  • redhairedgirl Says:

    I envy your concert going of late! There are so many good shows in Chicago during the months of October and November, and I can't go to many of them. However, I went to one show last week and I'm going to two shows this weekend, but that's because I won tickets for two of those free shows. Next show after Saturday is mid-November. Sad!

  • lucy Says:

    i thought you would love the much history and, yeah, it is very music-fan friendly. i love that place so much. it is definitely in my top five list of los angeles venues.

    someday you will have to take the drive to the santa barbara bowl. i guarantee it will be worth your effort.