Craigslist 'Missed Connections Musical Dedication' of the day

I am going to make this, or try my best to make this, a daily feature. I love the craigslist missed connections section...I love music...why not combine the two?

So here we go...i will cut and past some wonderful piece of drama from the missed connections forum, and then attach a song or video as the perfect soundtrack...good times, good times


Leaving Detour in a black truck - w4m - 22

you were the passenger, your mohawk was undone and you asked us who we went there to see, justice? well we saw everyone kinda but responded with "your mom". anyways you look fun, let's kick it


The Silver Jews
Punks In The Beeerlight

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3 Response to "Craigslist 'Missed Connections Musical Dedication' of the day"

  • lucy Says:

    perfect song for the missed connection...i'm glad you will be continuing is a favorite of mine at craigslist, too.


  • Blair Hook Says:

    I think I will ATTEMPT to actually do one a day...attempt being the key word

  • Dale Says:

    "You look fun, let's kick it"


    Funny thing is, since it's w4m, if he sees it, he'll be down. Can you imagine that line EVER working on a woman? I'd get slapped from here until next Tuesday, and that's if I tried it on Melissa.