CL missed connections musical dedication o'th day

I think I may be in love...a girl who loves the 'missed connections' section as much as I do...this is like a love letter to missed connections. I think it's brilliant. And I feel her pain...we ALL want to be a missed connection, only she was brave enough to say it out loud. Not sure why I chose this song...but it came to me instantly...and as an added bonus, the homemade video is so bad its good.


I wish I didn't have to take this step... - w4m - 26

Look, anyone with an office job knows that work is boring and the internet is a great diversion. When our server crashed I had no idea how the workforce prior to the mid-90s were able to make it through the working day. I guess one had to be a little more creative in wasting company time. In any case, the point is, I spend part of my working day checking craigslist in the event that someone posted a missed connection for me.
I'm not sure what I would do if I discovered a missed connection for me; however, I do know that I would feel pretty goddamned fantastic. So, I started deconstructing each missed connection. I have deduced that in order for a missed connection to occur I would have to take several steps. I would have to go out more. I would have to venture forth solo once in awhile. I would have to make eye contact and occasional conversation with strangers. I would have to be a little more mysterious. And, these last two steps I am reticent to move forward on, I would have to make my appearance more noticeable and kind of obstruct people in a way found endearing and/or exciting.
So, I started walking to and from work. I started throwing out my A-game flirt material. I started making eye contact with anyone around (some girls seem to find this to be a challenge of sorts). I started going out more. In fact, I started accepting any invitation extended to me and when no plans are evident, I will go out alone and see what happens. I already have red hair, so I haven't altered my appearance. And, I haven't purposely obstructed anyone (it sort of happens as I am a klutz).
But, after all of that, no missed connection. Granted, since following my missed connections plan, this has been the craziest month of my life. I have had more things going on and with a wider spectrum of people than at any point during my time living in LA. I have had many dates and many groin touching sessions. In fact, one guy thought he was my boyfriend. But, no missed connection.
What am I doing wrong?
Why won't someone find me attractive and instead of talking to me or asking me out or getting my number, why won't they go home and think about me and reach out to me via craigslist?
Can someone please have a missed connection with me and then we can work from there? Thanks.


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