CL 'Missed Connections' dedication o'the day

The thing about craigslist ALWAYS have to read a post all the way through. When this one started out I thought it was sort of romantic how he remembered in such detail all of her movements...then it just got creepy...really creepy! Thank God for craigslist...its been making me feel better about my own life for years now.


Starbucks Storefront Window... - m4w

at 26th and Wilshire. You were there on Friday afternoon, alone, reading and seated inside at the bar in front of the window. I noticed you when I ordered my coffee and went outside and sat down right across from you on the sidewalk. After a while you must have noticed me noticing you. You propped your feet on the rail, raising your knees slightly and let me stare under your skirt. Pink panties, very, very sexy and you crossed your legs, twitched around, uncrossed them. Was I discreet enough? Did anyone else notice?

I should have stopped you when you got up to leave. I'd like a refill? How about you?


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  • lucy Says:

    that definitely took a turn to creepy. and i'm left to wonder if the girl really crossed/uncrossed her legs on purpose, or if this was not just his take on it.

    huzzah to craigslist - making all the rest of us look a little bit more normal everyday.


  • Steve Allen Says:

    Hey Blair--- What happened? You're not on MOG at all any more, and all your pages and pages of postings, and great comments by others, have all vanished. What is going on???

  • Blair Hook Says:

    Hi Steve...thanks for stopping by! I had a bad experience with the MOG braintrust...i don't want to bore you with details...but I am kind of idealistic to a fault, and i felt sort of patronized by this ordeal and
    just decided to move on and do my own thing, free from the MOG umbrella.

    I am so, SO thankful to MOG though for introducing me to SO many amazing you! So i just kind of left quietly without making a big scene...i wish MOG no ill will...just had to move on for my own peace of mind

  • Steve Allen Says:

    Doesn't sound boring to me. I'd like to know what happened, if you're OK about telling me. I've been having a few weird experiences on MOG myself. If you want to talk about it off the blog, my e-mail is

    In any case, I'll check in on your blog pretty regularly. You've always been the most compatible person musically that I've found (probably about 50%, but that's actually pretty high)!


  • misstee Says:

    Hey Blair,

    Sorry things took a turn for the worse at MOG(I too would like to know happened) But I did want to know whether you recieved the book yet?

  • lizziegreeneyesblackheart Says:

    gonna miss you at mog but will keep an eye out here for you - as I love your askewed view of the musicuniverse !!!

  • Blair Hook Says:

    Misstee....thanks SO much for the book!!! It just arrived Saturday...i used to have the biggest crush on Ms Dunn when she was an MTV2 vj...remember back then, when they used to play videos!

    If you give me another email addy Misstee i will gladly give you the quick run down on why i left...