Beirut @ Avalon....Los Angeles,CA....10/11/2007

How many times in your life do you get to say to yourself 'That person is doing what they were born to do?' Not many I am thinking.

That thought came to me again and again last night at the Beirut show as 21yr old Zach Condon led his band through a wonderful, albeit short, set of music. To see Mr. Condon on stage is to see somebody totally in their element. He effortlessly switched between several instruments all night...horns, guitars, ukuleles...playing each one like it was the last time he may ever have the chance to be on stage.

How at 21 this guy is able to compose such amazing and worldly music is something I will never understand. He has the kind of talent that leaves you in awe...but with none of the pretentiousness that so many artists carry with them.

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